So this is my blog…

Post ZeroWell I guess it had to happen eventually.

So here I am at my first post and I’m kind of wondering what to say. Where do I start? The most sensible thing would be to outline my intentions but, now I’m here, I’m not entirely sure what they are yet. I guess I’m just going to give it a go and see what happens.

Broadly speaking I see League of Imaginary Heroes (like most blogs I guess) as a miscellany, a humble repositry of various things that are of interest to me. It’ll probably consist of:

  1. stuff that I find in books or on the Internet that I think is worth gathering here for safekeeping. Mostly this’ll be other people’s wisdom on roleplaying, stories, collaborative fiction and such, since that’s what I’m interested in. There will probably also be a bit of art thrown in.
  2. my own table-top/pen & paper roleplaying write-ups, which are a great source of enjoyment for me.
  3. disjointed ramblings on whatever takes my fancy. Most likely roleplaying, stories, collaborative fiction and such, for obvious reasons.

I make no promises though, almost anything could end up here.

For anyone who happens along, you’re most welcome to drop in, say hi, leave a comment or whatever. I hope you find something here of interest to you too.


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