A Fresh Start

A few short weeks have passed since Colin and I bade farewell to the ‘Dungeon-Bashers’ we had fallen in with. For almost four years our attempts to emphasise story-telling had proven largely unsuccessful and we had grown  disillusioned. Of late roleplaying had waned, dwindling to a weekly habit rather than an engaging pastime. We longed for a Golden Age that it seemed was not to be found amongst them. The hope of fulfilment beckoned.

We began a search for like-minded individuals but they were hard to come by. We found only one who was willing to join us; Glyn, an old friend of mine. And so it was that we three became the inaugural participants in our humble endeavour.

PS. For clarification, my use of the term ‘Dungeon-Bashers’ in this post is by no means intended as derogatory. To my mind ‘Dungeon-Bashing’ is an equally valid style of play that merely focuses on the simple pleasures of AD&D rather than drama and story-telling. No negative connotations are intended. Each to their own. It’s simply not my preferred style of play.


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