A little bit of my roleplaying history

RPG HistoryMaybe, before going too much farther, I ought to outline my roleplaying history. It’ll probably help set the scene, so it seems like it might be a good idea.

I started out with AD&D back in the late 70s. It’s a system that never did a lot for me but there wasn’t a lot of choice in those days. Besides it would be churlish of me to pick holes in something that opened up whole knew vistas of imaginary experience for me.

Nonetheless it wasn’t long before I cast AD&D aside and spread my wings. I moved on to Traveller, Champions, Runequest and Rolemaster; and eventually, years later, settled into a group that favoured the various World of Darkness/Storyteller games.

Throughout that time “beautiful” games like Nobilis, Amber and Everway always caught my eye but, though they adorned my book shelves, I never quite managed to play them.

Eventually various participant’s real-life issues caused the break-up of our group and I was left gameless for a time.

Then I found another group through an old friend of mine. They were pretty firmly entrenched in AD&D and a style of play I would describe as “dungeon-bashing” but it seemed only a minor obstacle to me. I felt certain that, once they had been exposed to character driven story arcs, drama and storytelling, they would soon come around.

Sadly I hadn’t counted on the fact that their motivation for playing was quite different to mine. The majority of the group didn’t really want dramatic stories, angst and moral dilemmas. To them roleplaying was merely an opportunity to have fun, socialise and unwind. It took me a long time to realise this.

Recognising that the difference in objectives was creating a certain amount of disruption within the group, I left in the hopes of finding something more to my taste. Subsequently one other member of the group elected to join me.

And that brings me pretty much up to date.


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