First Stop – World of Darkness

City of DarknessOn the edge of a great ocean of narrativistic roleplaying possibility we wavered and chose something more traditional. I wanted to give Polaris or Art, Grace & Guts a try and Colin proposed Burning Wheel but after talking it over we somehow settled on Glyn running World of Darkness in a slightly futuristic setting. Colin and I would play mortal cops who find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the supernatural underbelly of a large metropolis.

As a first step we’ve agreed on a policy of collaboration and collective ownership, meaning that we intend to shift authorship away from the GM towards the group as a whole by openly discussing where we want the game to go. By doing this we hope to ensure everyone gets as much stuff that matters to them as possible in the game.

I note with slight concern however that, in his excellent Deep in the Game blog, Chris Chinn says talking about it as a method of avoiding incoherence is “iffy for the most part” and depends entirely on how well individuals within the group can both identify what they want and communicate their wishes. I can only concur with this, since already there seem to be slight differences between each member’s interpretation of what has been agreed.

Oh well. It’s a start. It’s better than nothing.


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