City of Darkness, Episode 2

City of DarknessSeeing as I quite enjoyed this episode I’ve started a write-up. A lot of it’s still in note form but it gives some of the flavour of what happened.


Ray Faulkner – David Boreanaz
Mitch Geddon – Robert Patrick
Capt Joseph Smith – Ving Rhames
Bob – ?
Police Chief Jacob Williams – Richard Biggs
Edwards – Ralph Fiennes
Olivia – Anna Belknap
Hannah – Katie Holmes
Andrew – Jeffrey Donovan
Algenon – ?
Miss Wilson – Andrea Parker

Scene 1: Police Central

Capt. Smith gives Ray and Mitch a new case. They are to look into the brutal murder of a nun at St Patrick’s Church.

Scene 2: Crime Scene, St Patrick’s Church

The two detectives arrive at St Patrick’s Church and talk to the senior officer at the scene.

In a small chapel off the main church, the nun, Sister Magdalena, has been crucified to the wall with 8” nails driven through her arms and legs. Her chest is torn asunder and her heart has been removed. Despite the carnage there is relatively little blood in the vicinity. The word “pigs” is scrawled in blood on the wall amongst other less recognisable symbols.

After checking out the crime scene and interviewing Father Tobias, the priest who discovered Sister Magdalena’s body, Ray and Mitch are troubled. It would have been nigh impossible for the perpetrator to commit the crime and escape without being seen or heard by somebody; and yet this is what had happened. The mystery deepens when they find the nun’s heart nailed to the cross above the altar and Ray notices a trail of blood droplets that have fallen from the ceiling onto the floor between the chapel and the main church. Whoever took the nun’s heart it seems was able to walk on walls. Given their recent experiences the two detectives begin to suspect a supernatural element to the case.

Leaving Spike to finish collecting any forensic evidence, Ray and Mitch decide to check out Sister Magdalena’s apartment.

Scene 3: Outside St Patrick’s Church

As the two detectives leave the church they are met by a limousine, driven by Bob the chauffer. Bob tells them that he has been sent to take them to see the Chief of Police. The two are suspicious but, after Mitch confirms that the vehicle is registered to Chief Williams, they comply.

Scene 4: In the Limousine

During the journey Mitch engages Bob in conversation and finds him to be an amicable sort. Bob reveals that, though the limousine is registered to the Chief of Police, it is normally used by Mr Edwards. Bob is Edwards’s chauffer. On this occasion however Bob is taking them to see the Chief of Police; Mr Edwards is more of a night person you see.

Bob then drives them to the central tower which Ray followed Edwards to near the end of last episode.

Scene 5: Inside the Central Tower

Bob escorts Ray and Mitch into the tower. The interior is huge and very expensively decorated. There is a sense of age about many of the objects there.

Inside, the Chief is waiting for them. He reveals that he was responsible for having them assigned to the case. The discretion they showed regarding certain sensitive aspects of the investigation into Ms Parker’s death convinced him that they can be trusted with something similar. Also it is preferable for them to handle it, since they have already encountered the supernatural creatures that exist within the city. He would rather not involve someone else.

Ray and Mitch are somewhat taken aback by the Chief’s outright admission of the existence of supernatural creatures and ask him a lot of semi-suspicious questions.

They learn that the Chief effectively works for Edwards, and that Edwards is an ancient vampire who runs the city. He’s known as “the Prince” and he’s far from the only supernatural denizen. Vampires, werewolves, fey, sorcerers, ghosts and demons amongst other things walk the streets. According to the Chief however, most have learned to live in harmony with the unwitting populace. There existence remains a well kept secret. However, every once in a while rogue elements break the ancient tenets that are there to keep the balance. When this happens they must be quickly dealt with.

The Chief then tells them that Sister Magdalena had long been the companion of a vampire that bears the appearance of a 12 year-old girl. Inexplicably, though the two had been together for many years, the vampire, who goes by the name of Isabel, had suddenly gone rogue and killed Magdalena. Then she had fled into the night. Isabel is now a serious threat to the well-being of both mortals and supernaturals within the city. Given her recent actions, there is no telling what she might do when the hunger takes her. She must be found and dealt with, which is where Ray and Mitch come in.

They will not be expected to go after her on their own however. They are to be part of a team that is being assembled by the Prince for this purpose. That evening, at dusk, they are to return to the tower where they will be introduced to the others.

Until then the Chief gives them a letter of authority that says they are working for the Prince. It should open many doors for them, as any vampire or ghoul who sees it must aid them or Edwards will want to know the reason why.

Scene 6: In the Limousine Again

Unsure whether they should believe the somewhat improbable story the Chief has told them, Ray and Mitch decide to go to Sister Magdalena’s apartment to see if they can find anything to support what he has said. They depart and ask Bob to take them to the building where Sister Magdalena lived. Bob it seems is at their disposal until the meeting that evening.

As they are driving, Bob advises them that the building Sister Magdalena lived in belongs to a group of vampires called the Tremere. There will be no trouble if Ray and Mitch show them the letter from the Prince however.

Afterwards Bob continues chatting with Mitch and reveals he is ex-military and partially cybered-up; enhanced reflexes amongst other things.

Scene 7: The Foyer at Sister Magdalena’s Building

The door at Sister Magdalena’s building is answered by Sarah, the maid. She tells them that the mistress of the house, Miss Wilson, is unable to see them at present, but once they show her the letter she admits them and does her best to help.

She confirms that Sister Magdalena and Isabel lived there and that Isabel is a vampire. Miss Wilson is too, hence her being unavailable to speak to them until dusk. As far as she knows Isabel and Magdalena had been together for a few hundred years without any trouble. She is deeply disturbed by what has happened.

Ray and Mitch are puzzled. So Magdalena was a vampire too?

Sarah explains to them that a powerful bond may be formed between vampires and their mortal companions. Such a companion is called a ghoul and may be imbued with a portion of the vampire’s power and longevity. This is how Magdalena lived for so long.

Sarah then takes them up to Sister Magdalena’s room.

Scene 8: Sister Magdalena’s Room

Find journals written by the nun that go back 400 years

Small coffin in side room

Loose floor board. Strange book wrapped in shammy with spiral on the front

Other books in the apartment seem mystical in nature

Maid is helpful. Tells us about ghouls and vampires there. Miss Wilson runs the house

Scene 9: The Foyer at Sister Magdalena’s Building

As Sarah is showing them out, Ray finds himself still wondering whether everything they’ve been told is true. As an afterthought he gives the maid a card and tells her that when Miss Wilson wakes up, if she has anything to add then she should give him a call. In response Sarah asks him to wait. She disappears for a moment and comes back with a small, blood-red, stone which she places in his hand. “If she needs to Miss Wilson will contact you with this” she says, “Miss Wilson doesn’t like phones”

Ray puts the stone in his pocket and then he and Mitch leave.

Scene 10: Back at the Central Tower (The Prince’s Home)

Bob, who was still waiting outside for them, drives them back to the central tower for their pre-arranged meeting with the Prince. Edwards welcomes them. He seems cordial and slightly amused.

Go via the station to drop off the majority of the books

They tell him about their visit to the Tremere house and Mitch shows him the book they found.

Edwards looks at it with seemingly little interest. He observes that it is written in Rumanian and could have something to do with Isabel having broken her bond.

Fills them in on stuff

Then the team turns up and he introduces them; Olivia and Andrew are Vampires from the Tremere clan, Algenon is a gargoyle and Hannah is a werewolf

Hannah is slightly surly but OK, Algenon doesn’t talk, the others are slightly snooty and stand-offish… like who are they?

This isn’t improved by the Prince telling them that Ray and Mitch are in charge

Isabel has been sighted near an entrance to the old underground tunnels, it is believed that this is`where she is hiding. Hannah and Algenon can track her so it’s up to us to find her and either kill her or bring her in

Scene 11: Entering the Tunnels

Head into the tunnels

As they are going in the stone that Ray was given starts vibrating. He takes it out and tells everyone to hold up for a moment

Olivia comments “A bloodstone! Now I’m impressed!”

As Ray holds the stone the image of a woman appears above it.

Miss Wilson, for that is who it is, introduces herself and asks Ray how things are going

OK they’re just entering the tunnels where they believe Isabel to be hiding. Some of your people I believe are assisting us

I hope you’re going to keep them in line

We’re all getting along just fine

She smiles and tells him that when Isabel has been apprehended he is to take out the stone again and then a team will be sent in to collect her

Wish us luck

Hannah transforms into a werewolf and they continue with her on point
After that Olivia and Andrew are less standoffish and seem to be keeping an eye on Ray.

Scene 12: The Scene of Carnage

After quite a while in the tunnels Hannah who is on point leads them to a deserted station where twenty to thirty carcasses are strewn around. Blood and strange symbols are smeared across the walls. Nobody ran

Scene 13: The Deserted Underground Station

Pressing on they come to the next station. Hannah indicates their quarry is nearby. They approach and discover a web of flesh across the tunnel. Like a sleeping spider Isabel hangs at the centre.

They move in

As Isabel’s eyes open. The orbs are black. Hannah charges, severing the web and the vampires arm with her glaive, and everyone else opens fire.

As the web collapses Isabel hisses and leaps down seemingly oblivious to the damage. Her wounds heal, the arm miraculously grows back and she grabs clumps of Hannah’s flesh in her talons. There is a bubbling of the skin and Hannah screams in pain. The others continue firing, blasting chunks off the little girl. Algenon hits her and ultimately she collapses.

Hannah staggers away and her ravaged flesh begins healing. The others close in around their fallen adversary

After a few minutes without her moving they are convinced she is down and Ray takes out the stone

The image of Miss Wilson forms again and she tells them the clean-up team are on the way.

She instructs Olivia to draw a circle on the floor and then manifests within it. She is there but cannot leave the circle. She continues to instruct Olivia in how to secure Isabel. Another circle is drawn, this time around the girl and an invocation spoken

Meanwhile, Hannah has recovered and observes that there is a scent trail leading further up the tunnel

After Isabel is secure they check it out but find nothing. The clean-up crew take Isabel away and the six go back to the Prince

Scene 14: Wrap up at the Prince’s Home

Job well done. See you next time kind of thing


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