Classic Sci-Fi – Part II

Through the mid-70s (around ages seven to ten) I continued to catch re-runs of shows like Star Trek and Thunderbirds, and the ever present Doctor Who churned out its 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th seasons. Katy Manning was replaced by Elisabeth Sladen (aka Sarah Jane Smith) and Jon Pertwee by the excessively scarfed Tom Baker.

Alongside these shows new blood sprung up in the form of Arthur of the Britons, The Tomorrow People, The Planet of the Apes TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man and, one of my favourites of the time, Space 1999.

Ah, Space 1999! I had all the annuals and a toy Eagle transporter, and I recall many happy Junior school lunch hours spent with my classmates acting out the new adventures of Moonbase Alpha.

I was always Alan Carter (played by Nick Tate in the TV show and me in the playground) 


Arthur of the Britons TV Series (1972) ~ 26 Episodes, Oliver Tobias;

The Tomorrow People TV Series (1973-1979) ~ Nicholas Young, Philip Gilbert;

Dr Who: Season 10 (1973) ~ 26 Episodes incl. The Three Doctors (4), Carnival of Monsters(4), Frontier in Space (6), Planet of the Daleks (6), The Green Death (6) with Jon Pertwee & Katy Manning;

Dr Who: Season 11 (1974) ~ 26 Episodes incl. The Time Warrior (4), Invasion of the Dinosaurs (6), Death to the Daleks (4), The Monster of Peladon (6), Planet of the Spiders (6) with Jon Pertwee & Elisabeth Sladen;

Planet of the Apes TV Series (1974) ~ 15 Episodes, Ron Harper, James Naughton, Roddy McDowall;

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978) ~ 108 Episodes, Lee Majors, Richard Anderson;

Dr Who: Season 12 (1975) ~ 20 Episodes incl. Robot (4), The Ark in Space (4) , The Sontaran Experiment (2), Genesis of the Daleks (6), Revenge of the Cybermen (4) with Tom Baker & Elisabeth Sladen;

Space 1999 TV Series (1975-1978) ~ 48 Episodes, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Nick Tate;

Dr Who: Season 13 (1975-1976) ~ 26 Episodes incl. Terror of the Zygons (4), Planet of Evil (4), Pyramids of Mars (4), The Android Invasion (4), The Brain of Morbius (4), The Seeds of Doom (6) with Tom Baker & Elisabeth Sladen;


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