Mythic Roleplaying

Mythic GM EmulatorThis could be something. Someone’s already done a solo game. Mythic is a GM-light or GM-less RPG designed by Tom Pigeon of Word Mill Games. It can be used as a stand-alone game or a supplement to other systems. At its heart the GM-emulation aspect of Mythic uses a combination of logic, interpretation and a ‘Fate Chart’ to allow games to be played off-the-cuff without any GM preparation. With the weighty burden of preparing the game removed from the GM’s shoulders the choice is there to play either with a GM who merely oversees the game, letting the mechanisms within the Mythic system propel the adventure forward into uncharted territory, or to play GM-less i.e. with no GM at all.

The core mechanism goes something very vaguely like this:

  1. Brainstorm and collaborate to frame a scene that follows on logically from the story so far.
  2. Roll dice to determine whether the scene gets altered. The outcome of this roll can be that the scene goes ahead unaltered, that the scene ends up being the same scene but modified in some way or that it becomes a completely different scene.
  3. Play out the scene by asking logical yes/no questions to fill out details and to find out what happens.
  4. Roll dice and consult the Fate Chart to resolve each question.
  5. Interpret the results.

To support this process Event Meaning tables are provided to help flesh things out. Rolling on the tables generates results such as  Failure (action), A plot (subject), which suggests that “a plot fails”. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for advancing the ongoing story.

I like it. It’s a similar idea to where I was going with oracles and I feel reassured that Mr Pigeon already appears to have developed a well thought out and very workable solution. The rules can obviously be abused but there is much benefit here for a group (or individual) who wants to make them work. I shall have to find time to try it.


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