Numerical Tarot

numerical tarotIn my search for an oracle that I can use to stimulate my imaginings for the purposes of solo roleplay I stumbled upon All Things Are Numbers by Guy Palm. Not only are Mr Palm’s ideas and theories on the subject an interesting read but the balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ that his Numerical Tarot offers seems to make it well suited to my purpose compared to standard tarot decks (of course ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are relative concepts). Basically the perspective I’m coming from is, in roleplay stories are about conflict, so I don’t want a deck that pulls its punches.

The Numerical Tarot convincingly represents simple abstract patterns that are found in nature by a 1 to 9 number line.

e.g. Apart-Together Model


And ultimately develops a system where each card sits along this line representing positive or negative, moderate or extreme aspects.


Mr Palm explains this far more convincingly than I can, so you should go take a look here if you’re interested.


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