The War Without End – The Continuation

This post contains SPOILERS for The War Without End.

Following on from my last post by demonstrating the story-rich goodness that was to be had in The War Without End, I came across this list of ideas/spoilers for the continuation of the second season that Colin sent out back when I was still in the group:

Sigora Brern – Sigora’s intentions towards Ebon, Blanca and Shilaze are gradually revealed … is she really their mother? Are there more siblings yet to be found?

Beyond the Eternal Boundary – Debts incurred to Derioch Ysarl of the Bleak Cabal are always repaid and those of Ebon Mordain are no different …

The Modron March – The Modrons need help – who will give it to them? And who is attacking them? And why?

Shilaze – What happened to her? where did she go? and why?

Elsabeth and Legagog – Legagog is entranced by the charm of the beautiful Elsabeth and is ever helpful to the sorceress … but what will he ask for in return?

Fallana – Ebon seeks to redeem Fallana, refusing to accept that she is irredeemable as all others have done so; can it be done? should it be done?

Seraphine – the Balsam that was bound to Ebon’s armour was released by the destruction of that armour and Ebon was told that she had rejoined the Celestial Host. But she has spent too long in the mortal world and her innocence has been lost … so what fate has befallen her? And who will rescue her?

Kai and Graffan – An unholy union, but one that has … ‘issues’ with some of the Second Tribe …

And Wow! Even after all this time (Blimey! It’s been almost three years now!), I’m still majorly invested in this stuff. I want to know all the answers. What’s going to happen to our heroes? Which of them will survive? Who is Sigora Brern? Can Fallana be redeemed? Will Blanca ever manage to escape from Hell?


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