People seem to be saying some good things about Matt Machell’s Covenant. I’d already read about the guidance that it provides on scene-framing, which states that every scene should have:

an emotional connection between a protagonist and the events

a conflict to be resolved


And then I found Graham Walmsley’s review over at RPGnet. In particular I found the following excerpt intriguing:

The best is Conventions and Motifs: your gaming group defines four things about the cult (e.g. “Punishments are swift and final”) and four things they want to see in the game (e.g. “Crumbling architecture”, “Fighting on rooftops”). There’s a bonus every time you bring these in.

This works beautifully in play: if you want senseless property destruction in the game, make “senseless property destruction” a motif, and everyone gets a bonus for senseless property destruction. It’s simple and fun.

Then there’s Truisms: three things your character believes (e.g. “Family will take care of you”). Later in the game, you’ll either confirm that belief or have it shattered. It’s a clever mechanic, which puts questioning your beliefs at the heart of the game.

These mechanics sound pretty neat.

6 thoughts on “Covenant

  1. Matt

    Hey, thanks!

    If you have any questions, just ask, I’m about on various web fora. There are some preview oddments up on the game’s site if you want a broader introduction (samples from chapters).

  2. Tumac Post author

    No problem Matt. As I say, everything I’ve heard about Covenant is good and the Truisms mechanic sounds really cool. So I reckon my comments are nothing but well deserved.

    By the way, due to having some rather overloaded RPG bookshelves I’ve been tending to buy pdfs lately, is there any likelihood of a pdf version of Covenant coming out eventually or are you steering clear of them?


  3. Matt

    I made the original book a somewhat odd shape (square), which means a PDF version is a separate layout job. I’ve noticed there is demand though, so expect a PDF version soon.

  4. Tumac Post author

    Cool. Thanks for the reply Matt. I’ll keep an eye out for the release of the pdf version then. If you should happen by after it’s released drop me a comment will you. Thanks and good luck with sales

  5. Bruce Post author

    Cheers Matt. I now have a pdf copy of Covenant sitting on my virtual bookshelf. Hope it’s not too long before I get an opportunity to try it out.

    Rgds Bruce


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