The League Returns

As is evident from my lack of posting, I’ve had almost no free time of late. However things are looking up. After two years in the wilderness, I’m finally back roleplaying. Yay! Colin, Glyn, Tony M and I gathered on Wednesday night for the first session of a Runequest (Mongoose edition) game Colin has decided to run.

Our heroes; Cyrus the Brave, a charismatic local hero and storyteller (played by Glyn); Thanos, a mighty gladiator (played by Tony) and Rhadamanthus, a melancholy ex-Town Guard (played by me); were dispatched to determine why the beacon at a local lighthouse had not been lit.

Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to write up the story over the next couple of weeks.

Overall things went well I think. It was a nice little introductory adventure that brought the three characters together and gave everyone an opportunity to get used to the system. Everyone said they enjoyed themselves. The initial signs are most promising and we’re due to play the second session next week.


2 thoughts on “The League Returns

  1. Bruce Post author

    Sorry for the delay, working 0730 to 2230 for two weeks kind of got in the way of me updating anything here but I’m back now. Tony’s and my write ups for session 1 are now here


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