Sepulchrave’s Tales of Wyre

Sepulchrave's Tales of WyreI’ve been following Sepulchrave’s Tales of Wyre since back in 2003 when Colin, a roleplaying buddy of mine, drew my attention to them in the story-hour at EN World. I was soon captivated by Sepulchrave’s accounts of the adventures of Eadric, Mostin, Nwm and Ortwin(e) in what has to be the most compelling story-hour of all time.

It’s epic. Really. I can’t recommend it enough.

Updates to the tales are rather infrequent these days but the latest thread, Viridity and Saizhan, was last updated earlier this month, i.e. March 2009.

So don’t miss out. Treat yourself.

What are you waiting for? Go take a look.

Links to both the EN World threads (where still available) and some handy pdfs I’ve created follow:

01 – Lady Despina’s Virtue – Part 1  [pdf]
02 – Lady Despina’s Virtue – Part 2  [pdf]
03 – The Heretic of Wyre – Part 1  [pdf]
04 – The Heretic of Wyre – Part 2  [pdf]
05 – The Rape of Morne – Part 1  [pdf]
06 – The Rape of Morne – Part 2  [pdf]
07 – Divertimento  [pdf]
08 – Soneillon – Part 1  [pdf]
09 – Soneillon – Part 2  [pdf]
10 – The Mesalliance  [pdf]
11 – Viridity and Saizhan  [pdf1] [pdf2]

last updated 26/12/09


Finally to Sepulchrave, the author, should you ever drop by my humble blog:

1. I’m a huge fan. Respect and many thanks for sharing this amazing story.

2. What the hell are you doing here man? Why aren’t you writing? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Sepulchrave’s Tales of Wyre

  1. Colin

    thanks for doing the pdfs matey!

    and I see you are finally updating this blog thingy! nice to see u r getting to understand mmorpgs … Tony is still playing LoTR online, although I’ve given it up.

    you heard from glyn yet?

  2. Bruce Post author

    Hi Colin

    Glad the pdfs are useful to you. Do make sure you drop by ENWorld and give Sepulchrave some love there as well though. He’s said before that he gauges interest based on the number of views on his threads there.

    And thanks again for drawing my attention to Tales of Wyre in the first place. I’m re-reading it again now and every time I do it makes me want to play some D&D. And I don’t even like D&D!

    So how about resurrecting The War Without End campaign some time soon? Maybe Stu would be interested in Ebon and Elsabeth teaming up again?

    As you’ve no doubt noticed, updates to my blog are rather intermittent and entirely indicative of how much real-life stuff is keeping me occupied. I’m always hopeful that I’ll have more free-time but it never quite seems to work out that way!

    Though I can see the appeal of MMORPGs I still can’t see me ever committing sufficient time to playing them to make it worthwhile.

    Nope. I haven’t heard from Glyn for a few weeks now. Keep meaning to contact him but I’ve been busy. I’m hoping he and Beccy might be at basketball this week.

  3. Colin

    Hmmm … I’d like to resurrect The War Without End, but maybe:

    a) with different rules – was thinking rules-lite perhaps Sword & Sorcerer
    b) in a different setting

    I do like Eberron so we could go with that. If we start with just the two of us … actually where was Ebon when we left him? we did stu’s game for a while but that was with Ebon’s sister – whose name I can’t recall …

    I may give you a ring tonight to discuss

  4. Bruce Post author

    Excellent! I’d very much like to continue.

    To be honest, I think I’d really want to try and get Stu to join in and play Elsabeth again though. For me the relationship that grew between our characters was a big part of the game’s appeal.

    We’d left it with Ebon and Elsabeth in Sigil, having agreed to tackle their various problems together; since pretty much everyone else had perished or departed. Aside from them, the only major Med-Jai characters still in the picture were Heiron and Fallana.

    Myriad story threads remained unconcluded, the most imminent being that they were going to meet with the Enforcer Marann to negotiate the return of Ebon’s Glaive.

    If you want to refresh your memory, the War Without End write-ups in my RPG Write-Ups section are in fact up-to-date; 2.7 was the last session we played. As far as Blanca is concerned there are a couple of missing sessions of Lost in the Abyss which I’ll have to write eventually.

    I haven’t read Sorcerer & Sword but Sorcerer doesn’t seem a particularly good fit to me. Not sure what would be though.

    Actually, despite my reservations about D&D, I kind of feel it could prove difficult to translate War Without End into another system without losing something.

    Might D&D 4E be an option? Have you had a look at it yet? I’ve heard rather mixed things about it but it could be interesting to try it.

  5. Colin

    Nope – done absolutely nothing with D&D 4e – got far too many 3.5 books to go down that route … if you want to try and get hold of Stu and see if he’s interested that’d be great

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  9. Lyanden

    Have there been any updates to this beyond Viridity and Saizan? Also, may I ask whether anyone knows of a post by Sepulchrave II containing the final battle of Mesalliance?

    1. Lyanden

      Nevermind sirs. I seem to have found the thread in Enworld. Thank you for compiling these. I have been thoroughly enjoying the world spun by these players and of course Sepulchrave II.


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