My God, it’s full of poo!

Mahala LilithSorry I haven’t posted for a while again but the last few weeks have passed in a blur. 2009 is proving to be a really big year for me. I’ve kept quiet about it until now but huge things are happening.

At 11:35am GMT on 12th August my other half, Emma, gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter, Mahala Lilith.

Since then both Emma and Mahala are doing really great. I couldn’t be happier! 😀

Before our tiny bundle of joy was born people warned me about the poo and the sleepless nights but, though looking after Mahala is proving to be a full-time job, it seems to be sitting around with her flopped peacefully snoozing on my tummy or me watching the little adorable expressions she makes that takes up the majority of my time 🙂 Nappy changing doesn’t seem so bad and the nights have been pretty good – though still fairly knackering.

Anyway, it might be a while before I surface from the deluge of visiting relatives and dirty nappies, but all is great here. We’re all doing really well and Emma and I are loving it.

Just wanted to share our happy news.


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