Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game

Ehdrigohr The Roleplaying GameI missed Allen Turner’s Kickstarter for Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game. Disappointingly it slipped under my radar, but thankfully it funded and now the game is out. Yay! This is fantastic because Ehdrigohr not only looks great but has an awesome non-traditional fantasy setting. It’s kind of tribal horror in a broken world. I’m not able to do it justice here, so just trust me and check it out at Allen’s website.

I’m also excited because Ehdrigohr: The RPG uses a variant of the FATE 3.0 system and I’ve been wanting to try a FATE system game for some time. If I’m honest, FATE may be a bit ‘out there’ for my group but this may be the one!


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