James D’Amato’s One Shot Dungeon World

One Shot PodcastHaving first stumbled upon James D’Amato’s One Shot podcast through the actual play he did with Will Hindmarch during the Project: Dark kickstarter, I tried listening to a few more episodes and discovered these hugely enjoyable Dungeon World sessions played by James, Kat Murphy, Maggie Dempsey, Alex Manich and Tricia Bobeda. It has to be the funniest actual play I’ve ever heard!.

In these three hilarious 1 1/2 hour podcasts (links below), self-loving lounge-singer Willem Baby-Blues, awkward-teenage-Halfling Trinket, wizard-brewmaster Bangarang and fable-writing friend-to-animals Renegade Red (with her stalwart companion, Brewster the Badger) quest through the Incredibly Dangerous Forest for “The Songbook of Mighty Comebacks!” Do yourself a favour and find time to listen to these. Seriously! They’re a riot!

One Shot Dungeon World Part 1

One Shot Dungeon World Part 2

One Shot Dungeon World Part 3

May the Great Tyrant crush you all!


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