WieldGillian Fraser and John Wick are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Wield, a tabletop Fantasy Roleplaying Game in which you play an ancient, powerful weapon and the heroes you wield are disposable hit points.

According to the Kickstarter text, a vatcha (wilful weapon) has almost limitless power, but can only channel that power through a wielder. So Wield is about power. How much do you have, how much do you give up and who has power over you? It’s about negotiation and compromise. How much power will the vatcha surrender and how much of his own Destiny will the wielder compromise for the vatcha’s goals? To represent this dynamic, each player takes on two roles: a vatcha and a wielder (for another player’s vatcha).

The premise alone has to be worth the low buy in. It’s only $5 for the pdf. Can you pass that up?

The Kickstarter campaign finishes on 29 May 2014.


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