Hero’s Journey RPG

Hero's JourneyThe Hero’s Journey Kickstarter campaign, currently being run by Anne and John Ruthven, offers a tabletop roleplaying game set in a world almost identical to our own except that ancient polytheistic pantheons are all still actively and vibrantly worshiped and the gods’ power remains as strong as it ever was.

Players take on the role of God-Touched Heroes, mortals called by various gods to represent them in the world and perform harrowing feats and go on dangerous quests; destroying enemies, creating new ideas, and shaping the very course of the world itself. It sounds interesting.

The game apparently employs a success-based d10 dice-pool system and has fast-paced, streamlined combat where a single roll determines both whether a character hits an enemy and how much damage they cause.

Character creation reportedly involves choosing varying amounts of the seven Aspects of heroism – Creator, Hunter, Leader, Lover, Sage, Trickster and Warrior – and drawing from their 28 attendant Talents, specialized skills (such as Disguise, Tactics, Knowledge or Athleticism) that allow characters to become masters of whatever heroic feats they choose, and divine Spheres of mythic powers, including mastery of such areas as wind, water, storms, the scorching sun and gentle moon, the fertility of the earth and the afterlife.

The Kickstarter campaign finishes on 21 June 2014.


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