Spirit of 77

Spirit of 77Spirit of 77 is a Funky 1970’s Tabletop Role-Playing Game being pitched on Kickstarter by Bob Richardson and Dave Kizzia of Monkeyfun Studios. The game is set in an alternate pedal-to-the-metal, nitro-burning 1970’s that combines over-the-top action, kung-fu films, glam music and classic sci-fi.

It’s also powered by D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World engine, with modifications to encourage amped up action – leaping cars, swinging from rooftops, blowing up tanker trucks, and punching bigfoot right in his hairy face. Can you dig it!

Set in a world where Richard Nixon has made a deal with aliens, and is still in the White House; renegade rock gods from another galaxy have shared with us the power of Glam; kung-fu bad-asses wander the city streets righting wrongs, and everyone is trying to stick it to The Man, it’s a game that sets out to recreate all the classic action and adventure TV shows, Movies, and Comic Books of the 1970s . It draws inspiration from movies like Shaft, Smokey and the Bandit, The Warriors, Barbarella, Rocky, and Enter the Dragon; TV shows like The Dukes of Hazard, The Bionic Man, The Rockford Files, and Charlies Angels; and music like James Brown, KISS, David Bowie, Jerry Reed, and Issac Hayes.

Characters are made up from three basic components: Story, Role and Buzz – basically where you’re from, what you are and your motivation.
• Billy Jack is a Tough Guy and Former Vet, looking for Peace of Mind.
• Foxy Brown is a Vigilante who’s One Bad Mother, looking for Payback.
• The Baseball Furies are Boppers with Glam, looking for Respect.
• Jim Rockford is a Sleuth who’s an Ex-Con, looking for Cold, Hard Cash.
• The Bandit is a Good Old Boy with Humble Beginnings, looking for Fame and Glory.

Imagine the fun you can have with this and then go and pledge.

The Kickstarter campaign finishes on 2 October 2014.


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