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Servants of the Cinder Queen

Servants of the Cinder QueenJason Lutes is currently kickstarting Servants of the Cinder Queen, an adventure for Dungeon World that attempts to capture the flavour of classic Old School AD&D adventure modules. According to the text it gives the GM all of the building blocks; an oppressed village, a ruined monastery, a mad sorcerer, a lost tome, warring gods, an active volcano and a plane of elemental fire; with the freedom to combine and create connections between all of these according to how things unfold at the table. As one would expect from Mr Lutes, it looks really nicely done. There are some very neat ideas here!

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Thrilling Tales of Adventure!

Thrilling Tales of AdventureLook what I found. Jason Lutes is developing a board-game entitled Thrilling Tales of Adventure! which is set in the world of 1920s and 1930s American pulp fiction and adventure serials.

From these reviews on BoardGameGeek and Attacks of Opportunity it sounds like a blast. I’ve cobbled bits of them together below to give you an idea of what it’s like.

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